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Do's and don'ts with babies


   Pictures from the book Safe Baby Handling Tips (Board book)


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New parents are often overwhelmed-and befuddled-when it comes to caring for their bundle of joy. Luckily Safe Baby Handling Tips saves the day with its hilarious "do's and don'ts" on baby care. Now incompetent parents everywhere can benefit from this indispensable guide, which also includes a unique Wheel of Responsibility to help moms and dads negotiate baby chores (and shirk diaper duty!) whenever they can. Makes baby-rearing a blast!

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About the Author
David and Kelly Sopp pretend to be expert baby handlers and are the founders of Wry Baby (, a fun little gift and apparel company whose motto is Raise Funny People(tm). They live in San Francisco with their 5-year old son, who unwittingly started all this nonsense.

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