Top 5 American & Pop idol Rejects (Plus DON’T CHA):Banat 4 Today

Top 5 American & Pop idol Rejects (Plus DON’T CHA)

I’ve watched these videos many times and it never failed to entertain me. I think some of them are talented but are not lucky enough to make it to the finals. I just want to share this to all of those who haven’t seen it yet. Enjoy.

American Idol Don’t Cha

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And the countdown begin….

1) Keith – Singing Like a Virgin


2) Pop Idol – Eye of the Tiger


3) Swedish Idol – Numa Numa Nerd


4) German Idol – Greenskeepers Nicks Wife Simone


5) Malaysian Idol (Michael Jackson)


Oh I forgot there is number 6 and my Favorite of them all.

6) Bulgarian Idol - Ken Lee

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